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We are relocating, but only digitally!

Dear Customer,

Following the merger of Bremer Landesbank (BLB) and NORD/LB we will soon be integrating the two internet sites. This will occur in two stages:

 1. Stage:

Deactivation of the BLB website www.bremerlandesbank.de

In April 2018 we will be shutting down the internet site of the former Bremer Landesbank. From this time on you will find all of the most important content of the BLB site on the website of NORD/LB, at www.nordlb.de. Users who continue to enter the web address of Bremer Landesbank will be automatically redirected to a specially created homepage on the website of NORD/LB.

There we will provide you with links to the most important services that you are familiar with from Bremer Landesbank. From here you will also be able to log into online banking using your usual access information. Although the appearance is slightly different, it contains all of the functions that you are familiar with from your online banking at BLB.

2. Stage:

Redesign of the internet presence of NORD/LB

A completely new NORD/LB website with lots of new content and functions is provisionally scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.


You can already familiarise yourself with the NORD/LB website. Below we have put together a number of important links for you.



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